About Us

The High Desert Wool Growers was originally organized to promote the sheep industry for both meat production and fiber.  Over the years, the fiber market and interests of the High Desert Wool growers membership have changed.

Today the High Desert Wool Growers promote all aspects of the fiber industry without bias toward breed, size of farm operation or use of fiber while developing markets for breeding stock, wool fiber and other important products of the industry.

Mission Statement:

“To promote the sheep industry, recruit new members, educate the public, and create markets to better serve the sheep and fiber industry.”


The High Desert Wool Growers holds regular membership meetings on the first Tuesday of every month.  The meetings are typically held at Chan’s restaurant in Redmond.  The meetings start at 6:30 pm, howevert most members arrive early for a social dinner and chance to catch up.   The High Desert Wool Growers operate under simple governing rules.  At the last meeting of each year the membership nominates and votes into office an executive board consisting of a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.

Meet the Current Executive Board

  • Chair – Michele Long
  • Secretary – Kip Petit
  • Treasurer – Shirley Demaris